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    The new Johnny Casino album ´trade winds´ recorded and produced in North Fremantle Western Australia by Kenny´killer´Watt and Johnny Casino, featuring Warren Hall (Datura 4, Ex Volcanics, Ex Drones) Martyn P Casey (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Grinderman, The Triffids) Dom Mariani (DM3, The Stems) Greg Hitchcock (The Bamboos, Ex You Am I) Johnny Phatouros (The Volcanics) Richard Lane (The Stems) Carrie and Jodi Phillis (Boobytraps-The Clouds) available now sent directly to your doorstep!!!!!

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Following up from last year´s album ´time and time again´ Johnny Casino has a new album ´trade winds´ set for release Sept/Oct 2018.
The album began its life after a phone call from Johnny´s great friend and former member of Asteroid B612 Kenny ´Killer´ Watt, Kenny asked Johnny if he had any new ideas or songs he´d like to record in Fremantle Western Australia. The answer was yes!! And Kenny set about putting a band together to record these ideas.
WARREN HALL (The Volcanics/Datura 4/The Drones)(Drums) has been playing with Johnny for many years either playing live in Western Australia or in the recording studio on many of Johnny´s songs over the year , Warren is such a great organic musician so he was onboard from the start, Kenny then approached MARTYN P CASEY (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/The Triffids)(Bass Guitar) whom Johnny had met a few times in his travels, Kenny played Martyn some of Johnny´s acoustic ´sketches´ of the songs and Marty was in, so there in lie´s the core of the band for this album, add in some of Fremantle´s locals including DOM MARIANI (the Stems/DM3) – GREG HITCHCOCK (the Bamboos/You Am I) – JOHNNY PHATOUROS (The Volcanics) – RICHARD LANE (The Stems) and Sydney´s singing sisters CARRIE and JODI PHILLIS (The Clouds/The Boobytraps) and you have Johnny Casino ´trade winds´
The album conjures images of reflection of days, people and places in Johnny´s space and time, no fiction here on this record and if you know Johnny´s records that would not surprise you, honest and insightful even if it hurts and at times it does. Musically we believe this album is ¨sonically speaking¨ more so than any other album, at times it makes you feel like you are drifting off into the sunset and then all of a sudden you have been hit by a south bound train! The album was recorded in two four day bursts and the band would set up on the recording room floor together and work on Johnny´s songs/ideas from the ground up, trying different feels, tempo´s and different arrangements until they felt they had the song in its right place. Lovingly recorded by Kenny Watt at Electric City Studio in North Fremantle and then mixed at Killerwatt Studios Scarborough by Kenny. Mastered in Detroit by Jim Diamond.

The vinyl album will be released as a joint venture by LA VILA NOVA RECORDINGS Spain, BEAST RECORDS France and FOLC RECORDS Spain. The CD release will be by CITADEL RECORDS Australia.



released October 15, 2018

JOHNNY CASINO - trade winds

Recorded at Electric City North Fremantle and mixed at Killerwatt Studios Scarborough by KENNY ´KILLER´ WATT


Mastered by JIM DIAMOND


all rights reserved




Johnny Casino, anywhere, anytime. This man has one musical fault – he’s too fucking good !BEAT MAGAZINE

Classy, rocking and cinematic, with sweeping vision, individualism , big, bold and brassy sounds occasionally bitter and always engaging.BARMAN I94 BAR

Johnny Casino should be playing upper-middle-class booze orgies to loosen up and wreck soon to be career women !VILLAGE VOICE New York City
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Track Name: Ghosts in your mind

I remember a place and time, looking back from where I stand
I have searched and I have found, blood on my tracks and dirt on my hands
Dirt on my hands, from where I stand, Dirt on my hands
Some streets are easy, others cruel, we know it´s easy to blame
But if you search you might find, cracks on your street and Ghosts in your mind
Ghosts in your mind, yeah you might find, Ghosts in your mind
As you walk people talk and tall tales aint always true
Stories and fables cross over tables,
Let em out, Let me into you, Let me out, Let me into you
Track Name: You can´t give it away
YOU CAN´T GIVE IT AWAY (John A Spittles)

You stare at my face and all I see is confusion
I offer a reason you smile and throw it away
I see the light through you lies and illusions
You stand close and offer a piece of your pie
I roll in deep only to listen, but I realize you aint saying a word
You drink from the well while you piss in the river
Your smile hides how you really feel
And it aint that far from sugar to sulfur
You walk the walk but stand for nothing at all
I see the lights your bells and whistles, you fly so high two feet from the ground
Track Name: The Trade Winds
THE TRADE WINDS (John A Spittles)

Days come and days will go, I feel a change yeah I need it so
No more wondering why
Time it moves and it goes so fast, we got this kinda love yeah it´s gunna last
No more lonely and blue
It´s our time, let those trade winds blow
It´s our time, let them guide us home
Winds will come winds will blow, it´s our time
This town well it´s killing me, searching for desire a place to be free
In the warm of your arms
We have got to keep on keepin´ on, set sail north into the sun
Are you ready to fly
It´s our time, let those trade winds blow
It´s our time, let them guide us home
Winds will come winds will blow, it´s our time
Track Name: Pájaros del mar
Pájaros Del Mar (John A Spittles)
Track Name: Oh Night
OH NIGHT (John A Spittles)

Oh Oh night, come on in and roll me away
I said Oh Oh night, it´s with you that I will stay
Cover me rescue me, Cover me rescue me
Oh Oh night, you keep me waiting in sunlight
I said Oh Oh night, you can´t be that far away
I said Oh Oh night roll on in take hold of me
I said Oh Oh night roll on in consume the light
Cover me rescue me, with the light of that big blue moon
I said cover me rescue me, those southern stars I wanna see
I said yeah I wanna see you tonight
I got to see I got to see you tonight
I wanna see I wanna see you tonight
I got to see, see you tonight
Oh Oh night, oh oh night.
Track Name: Temptation
TEMPTATION (John A Spittles)

I have made, the bed where I lie
I could change, but I’d be telling lie´s
Yeah I see you, with the green dress on
But I´m wrapped in a love so real so strong
And it´s mine
Time and again, I lay my money down
I hear that sound they go around and around
It´s mine for theirs, luck needs to walk my way
You’re throwing good after bad I still hear them say
And they take what’s mine
Temptation tryna lean on me
I´m drawing lines in the sand for all to see
I got no secrets but I got tales to tell
And I wake next to a love I know oh so well
And it´s mine, yeah she´s mine
Track Name: Anytime
ANYTIME (John A Spittles)

Anytime you feel like driving hop in that car
I´ll be riding with you, but you´ll be driving it´s true
Anytime you feel like dancing hop on that floor
Take the chances you need, we´ll be dancing indeed
Anytime, you feel alone, anytime, just head on home
Anytime you feel like drinking, you´ll find me at the Trade Winds
I´ll be drinking for two, yeah me Woz and Marty we´ll be drinking it´s true
Anytime, you feel alone, anytime just get on home
Anytime you feel like lovin´ I´ll be here
Got the lovin´ you need, we´ll be lovin´ indeed
We´ll be lovin´ indeed, lovin´ it´s true
Track Name: Somewhere lost in time

I see you, somewhere so lost in time
I see you, every time when I close my eyes
I feel you in my chest and hands, where I walk on this ground I stand
I hear you, hear your voice in a place in time
I feel you, in my hands when I strum this guitar
Pictures of you they look at me, sometimes I blind but I can see that it´s you
Yeah it´s you and you need to know
Your smile can change the way I feel
In a time and place it seemed so real
I feel you, when I walk and im lost in time
I hear you, from a place and space in my mind
I remember times we cried times we laughed times we died
I see you somewhere lost in time
Your smile can change the way I feel
In a time and place it seemed so real
Now you´ve come and gone and it don’t seem real
Your smile can change the way I feel
Sun it shines somewhere lost in time
Your smile can change the way I feel.

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