Take me down to your river


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Australian guitarist-singer Johnny Casino's been around in various incarnations since Christ was contracted on big dollars by Arko to play fullback for Manly. Or at least since they won their previous premiership. The Big Fella (and J.C. is Johnny Casino in this case - not the bloke with the beard) has really only stepped out of the shadows of his other bands in the last few years.

Since it's now his name on the shingle hanging above the door, Casino's available to take the wraps and the raspberries. Even a cursory listen to his recent efforts (a full length album and this, his second EP - and first under the solo moniker) tells you he's not likely to be copping brickbats.

The ease in which he finds his way around the studio is evident and so is the comfort level with his other players. Johnny picks bands depending on which city he's playing in and what the songs feel like. The tunes are timeless and expansive (more often in a rootsy American way) and limited only to whatever influence he pulls out of his past.

For example, "Take Me Down To Your River" has a Saints/Laughing Clowns flavour with trombone, sax and organ rumbling away. "Sunken Treasure" is an acoustic cut, just Johnny on guitars and studio wiz Mike Burnham on percussion - and builds to some gorgeous, darkly-burnished lead-playing.

As in the past, the EP format lends itself to some fun covers. "Outcast" is fairly true to the Animals' original while Glenn Campbell's "Try a Little Kindness" gets the horns treatment (and works a treat.) Boobytraps vocalist Carrie Phillis helps out on back-ups.

"Spicks and Specks"? Yes, the pre-falsetto Bee Gees classic - and in these hands you will believe.

Be tempted by the taster. Most of the songs won't appear on the long-player. - The Barman


released March 1, 2009

features some great covers of The Animals, Glen Campbell and The Bee Gees



all rights reserved



Johnny Casino, anywhere, anytime. This man has one musical fault – he’s too fucking good !BEAT MAGAZINE

Classy, rocking and cinematic, with sweeping vision, individualism , big, bold and brassy sounds occasionally bitter and always engaging.BARMAN I94 BAR

Johnny Casino should be playing upper-middle-class booze orgies to loosen up and wreck soon to be career women !VILLAGE VOICE New York City
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Track Name: Take me down to your river

Take me down to your river and let me get in
I taste your cool cool water and i wanna swim
It´s time a got my drink from your loving cup
Take me down to your river and let me get in
Take me down take me down and let me get in
Take me down take me down take me down
Give me a drink from your loving cup honey
Take me down to your river i wanna swim
Track Name: Sunken treasure

Dont wait here for me baby , i aint waiting here for you
Dont wait here for me baby, cause i aint waiting here for you
You should be moving on forward and just watch me standing still
Well i´ve got this sunken treasure but you might sink and drown in blue
yeah i got this sunken treasure you might sink and drown in blue
I aint the one for you baby aint the one to see it thru
Im going round and round in circles and i know which road to choose
going round and round in circles and i know which road to choose
But you´ll find me on that back road , i´ll be alone and without you
Track Name: Outcast
The original is by The Animals and is a song that i used to play live with my old band Asteroid B612, I like to use time in the studio to warm things up by running thru old songs or covers to get a feel happening and some sounds, some of these outakes we keep and work further ono to use for b-sides and for fun, this is one of those.
I anyways liked this song from an early age when my father taught me how to play ¨house of the rising sun¨ not long after that i seen an album of Animals songs lying around a relatives house and it was the first time i heard this song. It´s a stomper!! and i reckon we did a good job on it.
Track Name: Try a little kindness
Try a little Kindness was originally performed by the GREAT Glen Campbell , I LOVE GLEN CAMPBELL hsi singing his guitar playing and his rinestone shirts!!!
Track Name: Spicks and Specks
Spicks and Specks originally performed and written by The Bee Gees !! this is another childhood song that has remained with me and i still LOVE the sound of the opening piano on the original song.