Cowboys and Indians


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Cuando el grandon Johnny Casino esta prácticamente aterrizando en España, llega este disco de cinco temas en donde los Secrets se convierten en una padilla de amigos a los que les gusta la música, recuperando un tema de su ultimo disco “New Clothes, Old Shoes” abren con ese bonito “Cowboys and Indians” rezumando pop entre una amalgama de sonidos llenos de raíces, (creo que ahora lo llaman americana), los cuatro temas restantes son el atractivo de este ep digital con temas nuevos y la versión alternativa en donde el Hoodoo Brad Shephern Guru le da un particular toque al tema con el banjo, sonando campestres y relajados, sensación que desaparece al enfrentarse sin miramientos con el clásico de la primera banda de Alex Chilton en donde Ken Steedman a la guitarras da su particular enfoque a ese “The Letter”, de nuevo vuelven a lo mas básico de la cultura americana con “Drunk and Tired” pero sonando a rock and roll como lo entendieron en su dia Dylan, de nuevo Brad se muestra entregado en las guitarras y el órgano hammond de Mike Burham suena a verdad, sin trampas, sin fuegos de artificio mostrando a una banda de rock en estado de gracia y cerrando esta entrega un tema acústico con el ex-Asteroid B-612 mostrándose tal cual, guitarra y voz sin mas de nuevo en el tema “New Clothes and Shoes”, para incondicionales de John A Spittles, una joya de disco sin duda.


released August 1, 2007

All songs written by John A Spittles unless noted.

Recorded with LOVE by Mike Burnham in Sydney Australia



all rights reserved



Johnny Casino, anywhere, anytime. This man has one musical fault – he’s too fucking good !BEAT MAGAZINE

Classy, rocking and cinematic, with sweeping vision, individualism , big, bold and brassy sounds occasionally bitter and always engaging.BARMAN I94 BAR

Johnny Casino should be playing upper-middle-class booze orgies to loosen up and wreck soon to be career women !VILLAGE VOICE New York City
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Track Name: Cowboys and Indians

Fly the plane into the west they say the time is now
Cowboys and Indians are gunna make the sound
Well i cant see in front of me cant stand up from falling down
But i believe in truth and a certain sound
Killer Ken made the call and he told me how
Blazin Brad and Mister Hall are gunna lay it down
We turned em up it turned us on , we drove to the river town
We made em move their feet with that certain sound
Twist and shout into the night and play it loud and proud
I´ll sing my song and make that sound thats gunna shake em down
There was a kiss from Emily that drove and spun me round
She said we made her more with that certain sound
Track Name: The Country mile
THE COUNTRY MILE (John A Spittles)

I´ve found gold in your morning smile
with arms as long as a country mile
never wanted more then to see you smile
Shut the door and stick around for a while
And riding in your car i feel like
I could be with you night and day
Sleeping in your bed and knowing that you feel the same way
I´ve been wrong and i know i´ve lied
I was so alone and downright tired
But now i feel it´s become my time
to show you gold and watch it shine
Riding in her car i feel like
I could be with her night and day
Sleeping in her bed and knowing that she feels the same way
And as i ride along New South Head Road
My taxi drivers moving way too slow
A curve in the road and the curve in your smile
Stick around for a while you´ll get a love thats longer than a country mile
Little red car in the Summertime
Top down hair in my eyes
She´s got the wheel her foots thru the floor
She drives too fast but i dont drive at all!
Riding in that car i feel like
I could be with here night and day
Sleeping in her bed and knowing
That she feels the same way
As i ride along New South Head road
My taxi driver´s moving way too slow
Curve in the road and the curve in her smile
Stick around for a while you´ll get a love that´s longer than a country mile
Track Name: The Letter
Johnny Casino having a crack at one of his favorite songs from The Box Tops ´the letter´ ¨ ït´s a song that has been with me from as far back as i can remember, it was either on the radio at home or in the car through out my childhood and is still something i listen to at home on the stereo¨
Track Name: Drunk and tired
Drunk and Tired is written by my old buddy James McCann and was originally performed by his great bands The Dirty Low and The Lowdorardos , if you can get ya hands on any of James´s Music be sure and do so as you will not be disappointed. This version features a GREAT solo by one of my favorite Guitar players Brad Shepherd, check it out it´s a corker!!
Track Name: New clothes old shoes
New Clothes old shoes (John A Spittles)

I waited to hear , her words in my ear
And what i wanted to know was were she´d like to go
From Smith st , Fitzroy we did go
That yellow cab did take us to her door
A lady called George, a Ballroom no more
We laughed and drunk tea and Mrs Parton sang in key
We kissed till the sun called me home
My new clothes old shoes thru her door
My new clothes old shoes thru her door
My new clothes old shoes thru her door